A new solution to the world’s energy challenges

Daanaa’s proprietary power electronics and chip technology allows forward-thinking manufacturers to reimagine fundamental engineering problems through advanced, integrated power transactions.

About Us

Creating a future where energy is efficient, affordable, and widely accessible.

Daanaa exists to create a world where humanity’s hunger for energy is satisfied sustainably through cutting-edge engineering. We’re driven to redefine what’s possible for future generations.

Our Technology

A power electronics and chip technology that changes the way we power our world

Our solution provides advanced power transactions with an optional data layer in a way that is integrated, safe, and free from constraints. Daanaa is creating a new frontier of energy transfer.


Unlimited integration possibilities

Our technology integrates with existing hardware ranging from solar power, electric vehicles, battery management solutions, and, in the future, the infrastructure that powers our homes and places of work.


Unparalleled engineering + rigorous research

We help our partners overcome energy integration challenges previously constrained by the limitations of physical hardware through rigorous research, cutting-edge solutions, and a shared passion for sustainability.