Investing in Tomorrow

Daanaa is building a simpler, efficient future in energy generation, storage, distribution, consumption, and management, for generations ahead. Our mission is to be the standard for these power transactions everywhere.

Our Purpose

We’re driven to bring power to the people and leave the world a better place.

Our Values

We’re inspired by the people we work with and the positive changes we’re making in the world together. We live by our values, and they guide us toward building a sustainable vision of the future.



We always ask “why” and never settle for the status quo. We seek diverse perspectives in our work and play.



We’re driven to create a sustainable future together. Our shared ambition makes it easy to love what we do every day.



We bring scientific excellence into everything we do. We have precise goals, honest reporting, and always follow through.



The foundation of our team is built on trust. We communicate freely and keep everyone’s best interests at heart.

Founding Story

Daanaa emerged from the innovative minds of Soroush, Javad, and Ehsan, who met during their PhD studies at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Their collaboration led to the invention of a novel power transfer technology initially designed for charging light electric vehicles (e-bikes). 
As our team grew, so did the possibilities: we uncovered our vast potential in power generation, distribution and management, and storage across multiple industries. We’re driven by the transformative potential of our technology in redefining power transactions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What Sets Us Apart

Our competitive approach stems from 3 key factors:

  • The personality of our company, where our team work, work environment, communication styles, and direction are rooted in our mission, purpose, and shared values.
  • The never-before-seen opportunities presented to our customers because of the innovations our technology enables.
  • A robust intellectual strategy, safeguarding our innovative technology and positioning it for long-term success.

Izzie O’Hara


“Daanaa’s diversity and inclusion is impressive. They are a highly multi-cultural team who has proven themselves to elevate underrepresented groups in STEM, including women, who sit on their leadership team, work in highly technical roles, and advance their business in the power electronics marketplace.”

The Daanaa Team

Daanaa is made up of skilled technical, business, and entrepreneurial talents. Learn about our culture and current opportunities on our careers page.

Alexandra Kutilin

Alexandra Kutilin, MBA, our Director of Operations, spearheads transformative change with a people-centric approach. Alexandra works cross-functionally to scale our team and optimize our operations to meet business needs.

Robert Chow, our Senior Product Manager brings extensive management experience in semiconductor, hardware, software, and cloud products. He drives product growth and development by providing exceptional experiences for our customers and their end users.

Ken Brough, MBA, our Director of Technical Operations, has a track record spanning over four decades in the semiconductor industry. His expertise in design methodology, digital and mixed-signal implementation, and program and people management helps make our technological advancements a reality.

Ken Brough

Director of Technical Operations

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Raheem Haji, MBA, our Chief Financial Officer, brings a wealth of expertise in M&A transactions and business strategies. He has an exceptional track record in navigating complex financial landscapes and making astute market decisions.

Soroush Dehghani headshot

Soroush Dehghani, Ph.D., our Co-founder and Vice-President of Research and Development, is a tech visionary and an expert in RF power source amplifiers, energy harvesting, and biosensor development. He propels our team towards technological achievements.

Soroush Dehghani

VP, Research and Development

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Udi Daon headshot

Udi Daon, our CEO, is an award-winning entrepreneur, who brings a wealth of experience from launching successful companies across diverse industries. At Daanaa, he channels his passion for deep tech developments and nurtures talent to drive growth and innovation.