Daanaa-enabled Systems: Energy Generating Surfaces

The Problem

Conventional photovoltaic (PV) cells are connected in series and only perform as well as the lowest performing cell. The smallest inconsistency between cells, connectivity , and light reduces the performance of the entire string and has an impact on the entire system longevity.

Every system requires a unique set module level power electronics designed to meet the needs of the system. This results in complex system installations which are burdened by inventory availability and rarely optimized.

The Solution

Daanaa’s Power Transaction Unit (PTU) technology seamlessly integrates into PV surfaces to create a plug-and-play module that is optimized at the time of manufacturing by eliminating any and all MLPE components from cell to load. The PTU provides DC optimization, DC to AC conversion, and diagnostics directly at the substring level. The resulting system design delivers enhanced reliability, and performance, while offering the highest tolerance to light obstructions found in the solar industry.

  • PV manufacturers have one design for any power level and modality, and regain product independence from MLPEs and their associated failures.
  • Installers experience a seamless plug-and-play installation, provisioning, and maintenance experience that is always 100% optimized.
  • Property owners generate more energy and increase the value and lifespan of their investment.

Up to 42% more energy generated.

Independent Third-Party Validated Performance Results


  • Input power level adaptability
  • Integrated DC optimization
  • Ultra-fast and accurate maximum power point tracker
  • Integrated AC inversion
  • Rapid shutdown functionality
  • Granular monitoring and diagnostics
  • Compatible with micro-grid systems
  • Single output connection


  • Eliminate all MLPE devices from cell to load
  • Adapts to any cell size and chemistry
  • Enables design of PV surfaces of any size
  • Faster and easier plug-and-play installation
  • Automatic system provisioning
  • Granular system diagnostics
  • No hotspots, bypass diodes, or inverter-clipping
  • Simplified operations and maintenance
  • Increased tolerance to shade

Energy Generating Surface Applications

Daanaa’s Power transaction technology is applicable to numerous use cases including photovoltaic (PV), building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), vehicle–integrated photovoltaics (VIPV) and beyond.

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