One Power Electronics Architecture for all

Generating, storing, distributing, consuming, and managing energy from any source (e.g. solar cell, lithium ion batteries, wind turbines, hydrogen cells, etc.) is challenging. The cascading system from source to load requires multiple systems of bespoke components to perform the necessary power transactions.  Achieving optimal efficiency in all these power transactions requires complex electronics and algorithms, especially when regulating low voltage loads from high voltage sources, and when regulating high voltage loads from low voltage sources. This complexity extends to aggregating low power source and applying them to high power loads efficiently.


Daanaa’s novel Power Transaction Unit (PTU) technology performs multiple power electronics functions and data transmission with one programmable module. Power systems are now simpler and easier to design, while performing at the highest efficiency, power density, and voltage conversion rate found in the industry. It optimizes Direct Current (DC), manages voltage conversion across various ranges, and efficiently converts to Alternating Current (AC). It is equipped with built-in data functionality, energy management, voltage and current sensing, temperature sensing, protection, and voltage normalization capabilities. For wireless power distribution applications, the PTU provides directional power transfers.

Our Cutting Edge Technology

  • Replaces multiple unique devices in power systems
  • Surpasses current state-of-the-art solutions
  • Offers bi-directional conversion and amplification
  • Offers embedded data and control for energy management
  • Completes energy transfer

Our Power Transaction Unit (PTU) does all the above within a high-density, high-efficiency, low-profile, scalable, controllable, cost-effective system.

We’re dedicated to establishing ourselves as the industry standard for power transactions.

  • Optimizes direct current (DC)
  • Voltage inversion and conversion across various ranges
  • High ratio of amplification and buck conversions
  • Load management
  • High voltage conversion ratio
  • Modal-free conversion (AC or DC)
  • Variable high-voltage/current amplitude and frequency
  • Bidirectional power flow
  • Ultra-fast scalable power summation – array of PTU
  • Fast maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Compact, high-power density
  • Real-time configuration and diagnostics through a programmable interface
  • Freedom from design constraints
  • Normalized system architecture
  • Supply chain consolidation
  • System reliability
  • System-wide cost reductions

Applications and Use Cases

Daanaa’s Power transaction technology applies to numerous use cases including solar power, electric vehicles, battery management units, and beyond. All with the same identical architecture.

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